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Erotic Craigslist

The erotic listings that turn you on!
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Erotic craigslist has been gone for a year or so now and use to be listings for services by erotic service providers, there are many terms that define any erotic activity. RedLight listings offers you listings of this nature similar to how craigslist use to in all areas and in different types like W4M, M4W, WW4M, MW4M, Other, TS, Erotic Massage, and Adult Jobs with maybe more to be added soon. All of our listings are targeted towards erotic services only, which is why we are the best place to find what you are looking for.

To give some history and opinion on erotic listings last year sometime Craigslist removed their erotic services section for the United States and then Canada, while we understand the reason for this we also understand that erotic services will not go away and neither will the reason for removing it! Reading a few comments of online news articles concerning this, citizens noticed that with the new evolution of the internet erotic providers or escorts moved from out in the open strolling the streets for work to a more private behind doors because of the powerful advertising media of the internet. Taking this away will only cause these providers to go to a different means of getting business.

I guess another way to look at it is just because some people drive their cars drunk, kill people with guns, die from heart attacks from eating too much junk food doesn't mean that getting rid of cars, guns, and junk food will stop the stupid and mean things that people do. You are only hurting the people who use it responsibly! At what point are our rights and freedoms being taken away from us, is it ok for the government to tell you not to smoke, eat fatty foods, or any other choice that should be up to oneself? While we respect most of what governments try to achieve there are some things that just make us wonder where we will be 50 years from now on our current path.

With our current RedPages directory being so popular we added an independent targeted website for those seeking different erotic pleasures. With our mobile supported website you can also easily find erotic services on the go wherever you are, and soon our InCall service will let you narrow your search down using a GPS support phone.

RedLight listings are also free for erotic providers to post, listings are 100% free so if you are an erotic service provider please feel free to browse to your category and location and start posting today!

With all this technology its about time someone put it to some good use. So go out there play safe and have fun!

So now what Erotic Services are you in the mood for today:
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