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Indoor Skydiving

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Indoor Skydiving is the action of performing acrobatics during freefall, usually followed by deployment of a parachute unless your only faking it. There are many drop zones around the world that that have these indoor skydiving simulators for training and a safer environment to learn acrobatics while freefalling, you can also find indoor skydiving simulators in many large tourist areas. Keep in mind that acrobatics are done by professionals, for your first few flights you will be simply learning to stay in place.

Usually it’s a couple hours event for your first indoor skydive, you have to go through videos, instructions, suiting up, and of course signing all those insurance waivers incase you don't listen and bump your head. Once your comfortable with how to position yourself and the overall feeling of skydiving you can try real skydiving which gives you the amazing scenery on the way down.

Understanding how to stay relaxed, arching your body with your hands extended and your feet apart can get confusing when falling at 120 mph which is why these indoor skydiving simulators are created, to prepare you how to handle yourself and what to expect. When you enter the simulator it will be with an instructor. Unlike your first real skydiving jump your indoor experience will last longer and usually the instructor will show you what doing acrobatics while freefalling is like.

Indoor Skydiving is a feeling like no other and is very simlar to the real thing, once you've experienced it you will want to try it again and again. You never know, you might soon be jumping out of a plane next. So do you have what it takes? Start looking for indoor skydiving in your area now and fly!

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