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Random Feature

The Random Feature

What it means, how does it work, what is it...
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Sometimes in life we might not know what to do if we are bored, some people flip a coin or use a magic eight ball. But now if you like some of the things we list in our RedPages and you can't decide, you're feeling a little lucky, or maybe you believe in fate? Whatever the case the Random Feature is just for you!

From our main page click on Random to start your journey, then you will be prompted to choose your State/Province/major city. If you choose state or province then you will be prompted to choose your city as we need to narrow down something for you to do that isn't too far a drive. This is how the process of our code works:

How many places will you be given? 
Once you've told us where you live or plan to go on this adventure our website code will first pick what type of adventure you should go on, either 1, 2 or 3 things today. You have a 50% chances of getting just 1 thing, approximately 35% chance of getting 2 things to do, and a 15% chance of getting 3 things to do. Normally these are all from different categories.

Which place to go out of 100's of choices?
Now that it's chosen how many places it's time to choose which specific places to go, let's say we're talking about New York City Strip Clubs. Currently there are 17 Strip Clubs in New York City alone, well we take that number and our code picks 1 number out of 17.

Now once all our places are chosen we throw a few funny words in there to make you smile, and hopefully off you go to see why fate sent you to these places. Please keep in mind not all places are open 24hrs, so make sure you call them first as our code is random not psychic. So what are you waiting for? 

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