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Sensual Massage

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The what and why of an Sensual Massage...
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Sensual Massage teaches the art of caressing to express feelings and to give comfort and pleasure. Sensual massage may also be utilized as a sex therapy as a means of stimulating the libido, or increasing the ability of a person to respond positively to sensual stimulus. In some cases, sensual massage can be a form of foreplay without sexual gratification which is intended to heighten the sensitivity of an individual prior to another engagement where sexual arousal and fulfilment is intended.

Sensual massage may also be used professionally to help men address issues of premature ejaculation. Methods employed may teach the recipient to relax the musculature of his pelvis and thus prolong arousal and increase pleasure. For more information on great ways of prolonging ejaculation please refer to the Lingam Massage.

Most massage parlours offer some form of an sensual massage, the usual terminology that is used is the standard Topless, Nude, Nude Reverse, and Body Slide. Some even offer a shower massage which can also be relaxing to finish your session after a nice sensual massage.

Now that you know a little about an Sensual Massage it's time to experience one, because there are just some things you can't learn from the internet you have to see it for yourself! So start looking for the right spot and start searching for a massage parlour close to you now to get that first experience!

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