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Shiatsu Massage

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Shiatsu Massage derives from the Japanese culture, Shiatsu whereas Shi(Finger) and atsu(Pressure) is a traditional hands-on therapy. This greatly differs from the typical massage types you will find on this website. Keep in mind that most of the Shiatsu Massage techniques have been taught to some of the local attendants in your city. So don't get your hopes down of also having a good massage with your ending.

The shiatsu massage is designed to apply pressure on different spots of the body to release tension that can be built up from daily strenuous activities. Applying the right kind of pressure in the right spots relieve that tension when done properly. Pressure is usually applied with the fingers, palms, elbows, and even feet. The more experienced masseuse will with the help of roof poles walk on your back to apply greater weight to the affected areas.

Many different techniques have been introduced over the years from Shiatsu and are still widely used today as forms of holistic practice. So hopefully on your next hunt for a good massage parlour you'll find an added bonus of an amazing shiatsu massage.

Now that you know a little about a Shiatsu Massage it's time to experience one, but please make sure you call first to confirm that Shiatsu is practiced! So start searching for a massage parlour close to you now to get that experience!

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