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Wikidult keeps going with technology and bringing you close to adult information and excitement now with it's Windows Phone 7 application. Browse our directory from our Wikidult application and easily find everything around you. If you don't have a Windows Phone you can try our website from your mobile browser, to see what phones our mobile website have been tested with check our Mobile Support page.

So you ask what if your in the desert and there is nothing within a 1 mile radius of where you're standing? That is a really good question, well we thought of that too. Let's say your looking for a strip club and you are a few miles away from any civilization, well first our application checks within a 1 mile radius and if it finds nothing then it expands that radius search to 2 miles, then 4 miles, and so on.

If by chance your further away than 128 miles from anything your looking for it will give up and tell you you're shit out of luck, to move somewhere else. Then it will give you options of browsing your state or province manually and checking the old fashion way.

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