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All our services are adult related, from clubs, extreme sports, escorts, to massage parlors. We also strive to give you this vast amount of information in a well designed layout with features that let you explore the industry easily. With our mobile supported websites you can always find what you looking for even on the go.

Our services are also 100% free, we don't charge visitors and we don't charge providers to post or list their business. This is way the internet should be and how we will always stay!

RedPages (Massage Parlors, Nightclubs, Strip Clubs, Casinos, Extreme Sports)
Looking for something a little naughty or just trying to find something to do? We have everything available that pertains to adults in the RedPages Directory Massage Parlors, Strip Clubs, Singles Bars, Dance Bars, Nightclubs, Casinos, even crazy shit like Sky Diving, Hand Gliding, and more being added every day. We are covering a wide area across Canada and the US with most all major cites. This service has many features that allow you to easily find what you are looking for, it also supports mobile devices and uses your GPS to find all the adult entertainment around you!

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RedLight Listings (Independent Escorts and Erotic Massages, S&M, Jobs, and more)
With the erotic section of craigslist gone we need another free listing service for independent people to advertise it. What makes us different from any other website even craigslist is we only allow 1 posting per person, this prevents people from posting multiple times in a day. This allows everyone to have a fair shot of being seen! Head over now and see the similar W4M, M4W, WW4M, and more sections available for posting and browsing.

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Wikidult Forum

There are many forums out there when it comes to Escort or Massage reviews, but if you have seen them you know it's edited, shilled, bias, and many other things that keep you from the truth. You are welcome to talk about these forums and use them as well, we are not forcing anyone to be loyal or rejecting anyone who is not. Feel free to link to other forums, a forum is about talking and sharing information so we won't block this in anyway. We cover all of Canada and the US, all the major cites like Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton, New York, Detroit, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and many more.

The difference with Wikidult Forum is no Spa or Agency will ever be banned or treated any different and no shillers will be banned. If you shill and you are caught you will be outed, the moderator will let everyone know your IP address and User Name and what Spa or Agency your are affiliated with. Reviewers are welcome to say positive and negative things, as long as you don't disrespect anyone or talk about illegal activities these are the only things that can get you banned. So head on over and join the conversations.

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Wikidult Personals
Most of the Personals websites out there state "Sign Up Free", but once you spend all that time signing up you realize they really meant only the Sign Up part was free. They expect a monthly fee or so many services per transaction and so on, as well you will also notice that most of the users are fake and their pictures are used merely to promote the business and entice people to sign up.

Here at Wikidult we never play with the numbers, we never charge you the user, we never promise something that can't be delivered. We stick to what the internet was made for and we make money through our advertising. We are open and honest and even discuss and answer questions on our forum which anyone can join.

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Want more?
Wikidult is always growing and bringing more adult services to the table and some of these services that are in development are the RedArticles and mobile support for our RedLight listings. RedArticles will give you hints, tips, and advice on all areas of sex, love, gambling, and more. We will have sections dedicated to PickUp Artists and Sex Educators, as well as Poker experts and more. So keep on the lookout for these new websites as they go live.

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