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Welcome to our video section, here we have our commercial series called "Has this ever happend to you?" which consists of 5 episodes following a guy looking for something but always ending up in the wrong place at the wrong time. Soon we will be adding more videos, holding contests, and more. Each commercial in the series will have information, filming details and locations, production photos, posters, stills, wallpapers, and maybe even featurettes or bloopers.

Has this ever happend to you?
Wikidult Web Series
No Happy Ending
Webisode #: 1st of 5
Released: Thursday March 29th 2012
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Russian Massage
Webisode #: 2nd of 5
Released: Saturday April 21st 2012
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Under the Hood
Webisode #: 3rd of 5
Released: Tuesday May 28th 2012
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No Happy Ending Video Commercial Russian Massage Video Commercial Under the Hood - Wikidult Commercial


Stay tuned for more to come...
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