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Russian Massage - Wikidult Commercial

Webisode #2 of 5 (Watch Previous Webisode)
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Under the Hood (Webisode 3 of 5)


How was your first erotic massage experience? Ever walk into a massage parlor and find a woman who comes on a little too strong or makes you feel bad for not wanting to stay with her out of pitty, and trying every excuse to get out of there just doesn't work? Watch as a Russian massage attendent goes too far to attract a client.

This video is 2nd in the series of 5 where we follow a guy trying to find what he wants but is always coming up short!
If you missed the first webisode watch the No Happy Ending video now.
Filming Information
Special thanks to Melody Wellness Center and Only One Spa for letting us film on location.
Link Resources
Find massage parlors and more with our RedPages directory, and even more erotic listings and massages in our RedLight listings.
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Russian Massage - Teaser Poster Russian Massage - Poster
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Has this ever happend to you Series
No Happy Ending Commercial Video Under the Hood - Wikidult Commercial

Russian Massage Commercial Video Under the Hood - Wikidult Commercial