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Under the Hood - Wikidult Commercial

Webisode #3 of 5 (Watch Previous Webisode)
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Ever pick up a hooker on the street, find a nice quiet parking spot, start to get busy, and realize you bought a little more than you asked for? Maybe not, but in this video you find out what can go wrong!

This video is 3rd in the series of 5 where we follow a guy trying to find what he wants but is always coming up short!
If you missed the previous webisode watch the Russian Massage video now.
Filming Information
Special thanks to Die By Remote for letting us use their new single "Still the Same", for more information visit the DieByRemote website.
Link Resources
Find massage parlors and more with our RedPages directory, and even more erotic listings and massages in our RedLight listings.
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Posters, Production Stills, and Wallpapers

Russian Massage - Teaser Poster  
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Has this ever happend to you Series
No Happy Ending Commercial Video Russian Massage Commercial

No Happy Ending Commercial Video Under the Hood - Wikidult Commercial

Russian Massage Commercial Video Under the Hood - Wikidult Commercial